our all-terrain wheelchair at nevsail watersports

Kilkee Beach is now significantly more accessible for people with disabilities.

Our All-terrain wheelchair opens up the pleasures of spending time at the seaside to people with walking difficulties.

DECKCHAIRS. PICNIC baskets. Buckets and spades. Windbreaks. Frisbees. Surfboards. Of all the objects we take for granted on Irish beaches, wheelchairs are very probably not one of them. Think about it. Wheelchairs, particularly as they have become lighter and easier to self-maneuver, have narrow wheels that lodge in soft surfaces and quickly get stuck there.

Kilkee residents Kate Duff and Deirdre Carmody competed in the 2010 Cork City Marathon, donating more than €1,700 to the 'Access for All' project in the Loophead Peninsula as a result of their fundraising. The Brothers of Charity then purchased the chair which in turn has been passed onto us.

"The chair will be available in Kilkee free of charge and it is hoped that many people of all ages will be able to enjoy using it for many years to come".

We at Nevsail have found it particularly helpful for getting people with a disability to the waters edge and into our sailing boat, 3 seater kayaks or canoes. 



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